Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY Glitter Flats

I was looking on over the weekend and came across THESE !
OK, how cute are those!! But $60.00??.... I immediately thought

I headed to Target and found these for $6.98!!!

OK, I know that you are probably thinking
 "Tar'Lese, those look NOTHING like the Steve Madden flats"  

Trust me.... there is a method to my madness :)

First step was to tape she bottom part because I wanted to paint the flats black and wanted to keep a clean line

After taping off the part that I didn't want painted, I grabbed my
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a foam brush and applied one coat of paint

After the flats dried, I grabbed my Crafty Chica black glitter and Tulip Glitter Bond.... this is where the FUN begins!! With a cosmetic sponge I applied a thin layer of the Tulip Glitter Bond and then went to town with the Crafty Chica glitter (I laid a piece of scrapbook paper under the shoes to catch all of the excess glitter so I'd be able to pour it back into the bottle)

After the Tulip Glitter Bond dried I decided that I wanted to jazz them up a little bit.  I found a couple rhinestone rings in the dollar section at a local boutique so I decided to cut the ring part off and glue them on the front of my shoes.  I used Aleene's 7800 glue to adhere them

HOW CUTE ARE THESE!! love love love!! and they only cost me $7.00 instead of $60 since I already had the paint and glue! All of the girls at work asked if I made them for the Royal Wedding since it was the same day :)

Looking forward to Helping you create projects that are to DIY for!!




  1. FuNNeR to DIY too and know you put all that creative fun and joy into them, huh? Good for you.

  2. Tar'lese...u crazy girl! hee hee these are adorable! Size 4? really? you have teeny tiny feet! Now i gotta find me some cute flats. how does the glitter/paint not come off?